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Introducing MOLES 2.0!

We have released MOLES 2.0! This allows you to take your SV 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter and put it directly into an environmental housing with external microphone protection kit. The system consists of an internal battery lasting over 4 weeks and a robust external Peli protection system with an outdoor microphone protection thrown in for good measure.

Your system will now allow you to measure in accordance with BS5228, BS4142 and the IOA guidance on windfarm monitoring and amplitude modulation. Because of this, we have pre-loaded the SV 971A sound level meter with 1/1 octaves, 1/3 octaves, audio recording to 48KHZ and reverberation time analysis (although RT60 is only available for a limited time!)

This is an all-rounder system. You will be using it for sound installation testing and saving time and money. It could be left out measuring BS4142 standards or in the middle of a field near a windfarm. You may also be considering using this system for noise at work? Everything is built in and our team are always ready to help you with any of your applications.

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Noise, Vibration and Dust are all around us, whether from a construction site, or near an airport or windfarm

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