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AcSoft is proud to announce that we are now the UK distributor for MECALC

MECALC designs, develops and manufactures QuantusSeries, an advanced platform for data acquisition and control. QuantusSeries systems are often found in test and measurement applications where accuracy and signal quality are paramount. Leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries trust MECALC systems for their most important projects.

As the UK partner for MECALC, we can help you with any support or upgrades you require for your current systems.  We also offer a flexible onsite calibration service and will notify you when your next calibration is due so you can ensure that your system is always within the manufacturer’s recommended calibration time frame.

QuantusSoftware, including QServer and QAcquire, comes embedded in every system. QServer is a RESTful API that allows users to develop their own applications. It also supports multiple 3rd party applications for signal acquisition and analysis. QServer is a simple, powerful command set that allows users to work in any programming environment.

QAcquire is an embedded out-of-the-box application that runs in a browser. It allows users to set up, monitor and record data using a PC, tablet or phone.



Whether you work in NVH or are part of the drivetrain testing, chassis testing or transmission teams, AcSoft have ultimate solutions for noise, vibration, harshness and sound quality measurement.

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