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22 August, 2022

Would You Believe Me if I Told You, Every System We Sell or Hire Works Perfectly 100% Of the Time?

By Aidan Hubbard, Sales Director

You wouldn’t. I’m happy to say that at AcSoft and Svantek it’s not the statement you will hear from us. In this industry and with this type of equipment, things will and do go wrong at some point.

The equipment we provide has some amazing customer focused unique features such as lifetime warranty microphones, in built calibrators and the leading cloud data management platform. But is this the reason people choose AcSoft as their instrumentation supplier? Absolutely not.

tech team

People choose us because of the people. People collaborate with people. After all, we spend more time with our colleagues and extended colleagues and clients than we do with our own families. We realised this, and it’s the fundamental reason we choose a certain type of person to work in our team.

Our tech support team live and breathe our products. They are friendly, super hardworking, knowledgeable and understand what it takes to bridge the gap when something doesn’t go to plan. Of these things and by far the most important asset they have, is that they CARE. They come into work to make sure that you are getting the best possible service, to make sure that you don’t lose any data and to be the friendly voice on the other end of the phone when something goes wrong.

That’s why we believe our clients choose to work with us, and if you haven’t yet then you should consider these reasons when evaluating our kit.

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support team in calibration lab


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