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Bedrock Launch New Promotion

Do you own or are you planning to purchase Bedrock measuring kit? Then listen up as this promotion may be of interest to you!

Bedrock are currently offering a a $50 Amazon gift card to everyone who owns Bedrock kit and leaves an online review, social media post or films an unboxing video.  Their aim is to gather feedback on all their equipment.  Visit the Bedrock website for more information about the promotion, including all the terms and conditions.

The Bedrock brand stands for high-quality, high-end measuring equipment for acoustics and professional audio. Their products combine the ease of use of a smartphone with the highest professional and scientific standards of performance and accuracy. Bedrock devices are designed by their own team of scientists and engineers, and built in their own production facility in the Netherlands. All Bedrock products are designed and built by acousticians and field engineers who use these products themselves, every day. Bedrock are saving themselves time by creating tools that are easy to use and perfect for the job.

Bedrock are known for developing the Speech Transmission Index and were among the first to develop Active Noise reduction systems for hearing protection.

The AM100 is considered the flagship instrument for Bedrock, packing a large number of features into a robust handheld device. All modules come standard with every AM100, from speech intelligibility to building acoustics. With its high-resolution touch screen display, it makes the device even easier to work with, while its enhanced battery life and shortened charge time are improvements which have been welcomed by users.

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