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Apprenticeship Opportunity

Technical Support and Calibration Engineer

We are seeking a calibration technician with a keen interest in technology who can also help to provide exceptional customer service to the construction and environmental markets. The work will be split between providing technical support and working with our busy calibration laboratory testing sound monitors. 

We are looking for someone who is already computer literate who we can train in the use of our business systems.

The principal duties and skills include (after training):

– You will be trained to use the test equipment as the customer equipment is taken through various tests to make sure that readings are correct and adjustments are made as necessary and then a calibration certificate is issued. (It is important that a customers equipment gives them the correct reading for the noise they are measuring so they send it back for calibration in the laboratory)

– You will be helping to build power systems. (The company also build solar and wind powered generation systems for use with equipment when it is located somewhere where there is no power. For example, they have lots of equipment measuring noise levels while they construct the HS2 train line and there is no mains power in many of the locations.

– Working with customers by telephone, email and on-site to help setup and configure new instruments, systems and software

– Repair and maintenance of customer systems where necessary

– Use and maintenance of in-house calibration equipment and systems

– Liaising with equipment manufacturers to ensure instrument specifications are fully understood

– Contacting and informing customers on turnaround times, and repair recommendations

– Developing new test procedures for devices not covered by existing system


Find out more information about this apprentice opportunity and apply via Bedford College


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