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AcSoft Host Seminar On Sound and Vibration Testing

At AcSoft we’ve held a series of seminars on sound and vibration testing and this next one looks to be as popular as ever. Soundcheck software from Listen Inc. is the most powerful electroacoustic test solution you can get and we’re running a seminar and workshop specifically aimed at engineers who need to do open loop testing on smart devices and/or in-car entertainment systems.

The event will be held jointly by AcSoft and GRAS UK so as well as the software, it will also cover hardware and, of course, leading edge measurement microphones from GRAS.

You are invited to join us on Tuesday 25th September at The Sharnbrook Hotel, on the A6 in Bedfordshire. The event is free but places are popular and must be booked in advance. For further details and to see an agenda please click here or call us on 01234 639550



We have many options to help ensure that we can work with you to put together a system to test your product in real world conditions.

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