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About Our Calibration Service

When you are measuring something accurately, you need to know that the results are really what they say they are. Therefore, it is necessary to compare your measurement capability to some reference.

A calibration will allow you to check this and have confidence in your instrument going forward. Think of it as a kind of MOT test for your instrument!

Our Service

At AcSoft, all our calibrations are fully traceable to national and international standards. This means all our reference equipment receives annual re-calibration from sources that can be traced all the way up to metrological institutes and to the original International System of Units.

This complete chain ensures reliability of our reference equipment, and therefore reliability of our results.
The state of the art calibration systems you will find in our calibration lab are exact replicas of accredited systems designed by manufacturers such as Svantek, Listen Inc and more. Think UKAS, but international.

Our Calibration Service

  • Quick turnaround
  • Flexible
  • Return shipping is free of charge within the UK
  • We can arrange collection of your kit*
  • Email reminders on calibration due dates
  • Printed calibration certificate when returning your equipment, on request
  • Certificate re-issue free of charge

Our Laboratory

All our kit is housed in an air conditioned, purpose-built laboratory based located within our office.

Our Acoustic Calibration Engineers are all trained and certified by the original calibration system manufacturers. This ensures reliable and trustworthy operation which guarantees you measurement results you can depend upon.

What Do We Calibrate?

  • Sound Level Meters
  • Microphones/Microphone Sets/Preamplifiers
  • Geophones
  • Vibration Calibrators
  • Ear Simulators
  • Vibration Dosimeters*
  • Noise & Vibration Analysers
  • Accelerometers
  • Acoustical Calibrators & Pistonphones
  • Impact Hammers
  • Noise Dosimeters
  • DAQs/Data Analysers**

*Svantek equipment only
* Dependent on software availability

Our Capabilities

We perform calibrations to all the relevant standards, this includes: BS EN (IEC) 61672:2013 for sound level meters, BS EN IEC 60942:2017 for acoustic calibrators, BS EN (IEC) 61252:2017 for dosimeters and BS EN ISO 8041:2017 for vibration meters.

Although it is not a strict requirement of 61672-3, it is often useful to know the noise floor of your instrument. Where possible, we are able to measure acoustical and electric noise of your equipment to give additional insight into the performance of your equipment.

When it comes to your microphones and accelerometers, if your sensor is TEDS compatible, we can update this during calibration, meaning that the stored calibration details are always up to date, so you can seamlessly integrate your sensors with your acquisition system without having to worry about manually updating values. TEDS stands for transducer electronic data sheet and is a method for storing relevant information inside a transducer. This includes calibration data such as sensitivity, as well as serial number information!

What You Can Expect

As standard we provide a printed calibration certificate when returning your equipment. If you wish to opt out to do your bit for the environment, just let us know and we will send you a certificate on email only. Rest assured, if you ever need a historical certificate, we keep them all so can re issue a certificate via email at no extra charge.

We are passionate about good customer service to ensure that getting your equipment calibrated is as seamless as possible. By using AcSoft for your calibration needs, you can expect a quick turn around and flexible service.

Speak to us today to find out more about our competitive calibration pricing or visit our calibration page for more information.


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