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SV 307 Noise Monitoring Station Offer!

By Aidan Hubbard, Sales Director

This must be the coolest monitoring instrument on the market right now. I have been on LinkedIn many times now sharing stories and statements about how the SV 307 has changed noise monitoring for the better.

Remember the 307 already has an inbuilt acoustic calibrator for automatic remote calibrations, a lifetime warranty MEMS microphone system plus a 5-7 day internal battery set. This is all packed into the same casing meaning we don’t have Peli cases on the floor to support the main unit. Plus, it has the IEC61672 stamp that is so important when your noise monitoring. Does it have IEC61672? Should always be your first question to manufactures when purchasing or hiring noise equipment.

Users of the SV 307 would agree that they are already surprisingly cost effective, however we are now offering the advanced acoustics pack free of charge on a limited number of units. We will now give you 1/1 octaves, 1/3 octaves and the Audio capture modules all for FREE. Which is a massive saving of over £500*.

For more details, email: sales@svantek.co.uk or call: 01234 639551



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