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Scan & Listen

Scan & Listen



The combination of a Microflown with the Scan & Listen device is making our ears capable of hearing particle velocity! Listen to what no one has been able to hear before. Identify noise sources even in situations where high levels of background noise are present. Locating sound sources in practical environments can be difficult, especially in situations with non-stationary sources such as buzz, squeak & rattle. The Scan & Listen is a measurement technique based on short quick scans, for quick, fast and accurate troubleshooting.


  • Direct playback of particle velocity and sound pressure
  • Fast, easy & intuitive
  • Lower susceptibility to background noise and reflections
  • Applicable in most operating facilities, including reverberant environments


  • Noise source identification
  • Buzz, Squeak & Rattle noise localisation
  • Quality and End-of-Line Control

Human ears are only sensitive to changes in sound pressure. With Scan & Listen, particle velocity is now also made audible! Scan & Listen offers an intuitive method for sound source localization. Acoustic leakages can be detected quickly and accurately, as well as finally localising that annoying rattling noise you hear. Scan & Listen is handheld, therefore it is fast and mobile, as well as being practical and easy to use. The system has the option to simultaneously record both particle velocity and sound pressure while still providing real-time playback.

  • Direct listening to particle velocity
  • Low susceptebility to background noise and reflections
  • Easy finding of sources; also non stationary transients such as “squeak & rattle”
  • Easy finding of modes / vibration pattern determination
  • Easy and quick in use
  • Portable

Microflown Scan & Listen Datasheet