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Measurement Microphone Preamplifier MV 230 Digital

The 1/2 “measuring microphone amplifier MV 230 digital connects a high-resistance impedance converter for externally polarized measuring microphone capsules with a complete analogue-digital converter.


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The MV 230 Digital is suitable for the transmission of high sound pressure levels over long cable runs without – often unnoticed – signal corruption and without the disturbance of “humming earth loops”. All voltages required to operate the measuring microphone capsule are generated internally. EMC problems that, for example, cause cell phones in the vicinity of conventional microphones are significantly reduced by the MV 230 digital. The MV 230 digital supports data transfer according to AES 42-2001 as well as AES 3-1992 (AES / EBU). The very large dynamic range is achieved through the simultaneous operation of two 24-bit sigma-delta AD converters in two separate level ranges.

With the adapter, A 63.1 externally polarized 1 ”measuring microphone capsules and with the adapter A 67 externally polarized 1/4” measuring microphone capsules can be operated. The capsule connection of the preamplifier corresponds to the international standard according to IEC 61094.

The measurement microphone preamplifier MV 230 digital is suitable for class 1 sound level meters according to IEC 61672.

ADC Sigma-Delta converter 24 bit 96kHz in 2 level ranges
Power consumption ˂ 100 mA
Operating voltage 5.6V to 15V
Polarization voltage 200 V
Frequency range 1 Hz to 40 kHz
Dynamic range ˃ 140 db divided into 2 level ranges
Sampling frequencies, switchable 96 kHz / 48 kHz
Input impedance 20 GOhm ǁ 0.2 pF
Self-noise A-rated ≤ 2.5 µVeff
with measuring microphone capsule MK 221 15 dB – A
Max. Input voltage Channel 1 24 V
Channel 2 0.24V
Level ranges Channel 1 for MK 221 with 50 mV / Pa 146dB
Channel 2 106 dB
Remote control High pass 10 Hz
Sampling frequency 96 kHz / 48 kHz
polarity positive / negative
Connection standards 1. AES 42 – 2001 1. AES 42 – 2001
2. AES 3 – 1992 (AES / EBU) + operating voltage + remote control data 2. AES 3 – 1992 (AES / EBU) + operating voltage + remote control data
3. SPDIF 3. SPDIF (on request)
Connectors XLR 5 M.
Capsule connection thread 11.7mm 60 US
diameter Ø 12.7 mm / 21 mm
length 158 mm
Weight 87 g


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