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DL 103 AC-DC Dodecahedron Kit (Dodec)

DL 103 AC-DC Dodecahedron Kit (Dodec)


The DL103 dodec is a smaller version of our usual dodecahedral sound source, providing omnidirectional excitation according to all the latest standards. The source can be driven from a sound level meter or an internal noise source that has been equalised for a flat response over the complete frequency range.


• Internally Installed Speakers – 12 in total
• Specification complying with International Standards ISO 140 ISO 354 ISO 3382 DIN 52210
• Measurement in room of the apparent sound insulation of dividing elements between rooms
• Measurement of reverberation time using interrupted noise according to ISO 354
• Measurement of impulse response according to ISO 3382
• Omnidirectionality according to ISO 140
• Battery and Mains Operated
• Remote control Included


DL 103 AC DC Active Spherical Loudspeaker with base and carrying handle
FC 100 Flight case for dodecahedron with a pocket for remote control and cables
RC 103 Remote Control
TR 300 Aluminium Tripod
BP 100 Battery Pack

Amplifier Power 150 Watts RMS
Sound Power Output dB re:1pW 118 db
Height 250mm
Weight 9.5kg
Diameter 25cm

Download the datasheet here