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DATS Software

DATS is a comprehensive package of data capture, signal processing and reporting tools. It has focused tools for sound and vibration analysis, but is used for a wide range of engineering and general signal processing tasks.



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A core package provides basic functionality and many analysis tools. A number of optional packs and add-ons address particular types of measurement and analysis. DATS has been continuously refined and updated by signal processing experts for over 40 years.

40 years of development

DATS is a reliable, tested and proven analysis solution that has been used to solve real world problems for decades.

Worksheet programming

Easy to understand, yet powerful environment to build custom analysis algorithms and tests.


Some measurement & analysis software tells you what you already know. DATS helps you find what you don’t already know.

Reports & Automation

Worksheets, reports and automation allow a user to avoid repetitive tasks and concentrate on understanding the data.

Integrated Capture Software

The DATS Capture and Acquisition software fully integrates with the DATS package and delivers data directly to the analysis & reporting

Realtime Displays

During tests DATS offers a huge range of displays and visualisations including time series, frequency spectra, numeric displays, waterfalls and more

Vast Range of Analysis Options

The DATS analysis suite has been developed over 40+ years to cover the the entire range of signal processing functions

Drag & Drop Automation

The worksheet environment in DATS is the glue that takes the analysis building blocks and turns your algorithm ideas into reality

Built-In Reporting

The Intaglio reporting function built in to DATS lets you share your results with your colleagues and customers

Flexible Package Options

For specific applications like Rotating Machinery Studies or Vehicle Refinement, DATS has a suite of add-on packages



DATS Software

A comprehensive package of data capture, signal processing and reporting tools

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