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Building Acoustics Kit

Complete kits that reliably work together to get you to the result as fast as possible. We have devised two options of kits, one of which includes two Class 1 Sound Level meters that work side by side in a single test.


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Our Building Acoustics Kit is made up of:

  • SV 971A Sound Level Meter
  • Building Acoustics Assistant App
  • EOS Tapping Machine
  • DL 103 Dodecahedral Sound Source
  • SV 33B Acoustic Calibrator
  • Android Tablet
  • Reverberation Time Analysis (RT60) License
  • Licence of 1/1 & 1/3 Octave Analysis
  • Licence of Audio Events Recording

Building Acoustics Kit Option 2:

Contains the same as listed above, however instead of one Sound Level Meter you get two SV 971A’s which means we can offer you the ability to run multiple sound level meters at the same time.

Example Data From Svantek BA Assistant App – how we do our calculations!


📌Did you know, when you purchase from Svantek UK our in house support team are always on hand to provide training or answer any queries you may have about new kit!
Here is Rob providing some advanced product training & Kai getting a SV 307A set up ready to be sent out.