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Koalys is the first web platform for hearing care. Koalys offers turnkey solutions to treat hearing impairment from the first screening, through in-depth diagnostic to the actual hearing aid fitting and overall patient care. They make use of the most innovative technologies to offer solutions that are cloud based, digital and mobile.

Koalys solutions offer advanced and connected tools to generate leads and to perform a complete and accurate examination in the remotest locations or through a tele-audiology platform. All of their tools are connected, and the data is cloud-based to enable efficient patient flow from the identification to the diagnostic and the delivery of the right solution for the hearing impairment.


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Introducing The Renew 1:
A solar only power solution using a 115W solar panel together
with a 38Ah deep cycle battery. Ideal for running systems requiring lower power such as the SV 307 noise monitor under typical environmental conditions.