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GRAS Launch First Rugged Automotive Microphone

Launched this week, the 146AE ultra-rugged automotive microphone set from GRAS is waterproof, shock resistant, dust resistant, oil mist resistant and able to withstand high temperatures – all without compromising measurement quality!

The innovative 146AE measurement microphone is specially designed to meet the stringent demands of automotive testing and can perform accurately and reliably under the most extreme test conditions, time and time again. This minimises costly re-testing and rescheduling, providing efficiency, valid data and high performance all at the same time.

G.R.A.S. has focused on ensuring the 146AE microphone performs in real-life automotive application conditions such as strong vibrations, drop, extreme temperatures and water or dust. It is ideal for engine compartment measurements, transmissions, exhaust and brake noise tests.

The 146AE is built for extreme conditions commonly found in automotive application testing conditions:

  • Shock and drop resistant – limited downtime and higher efficiency
  • Water, oil and dust-proof (IP67 Rated) – withstands rain, high humidity and oil mist
  • Dust, water and high-speed particle protected with a replaceable grid – change the filter not the microphone
  • Can be used at high temperatures (125°C) – ideal for engine compartment measurements, transmissions, exhaust and brake noise tests
  • Power On Indicator – efficient control of your measurement set-up
  • Online data – ensure valid data with access to electronic calibration data for your system software
  • Repairable diaphragm – low cost on repairs

Complete with a five-year warranty and offering precise data every time, the 146AE boasts the frequency range and dynamic range you expect from IEC compatible ½” measurement microphones: 3.15Hz – 20kHz, 18dB(A) – 138dB and 50mV/Pa.

G.R.A.S. Product Manager Jan Hansen says the 146AE offers an alternative to traditional automotive testing microphones: “Our customers have been asking for a robust, dependable and precise microphone set that is tailor-made for automotive testing and we have listened. The 146AE is the only automotive microphone that can deliver accurate data – even when measuring under the most extreme conditions.”


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