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IEC 61672 Standard
November 26, 2021

By Aidan Hubbard, Sales Director The most important part of my job is to make sure people understand IEC 61672 and to make sure that people fully understand the benefits of having instrumentation with this standard applied. Some instrumentation suppliers will claim to comply to IEC 61672 but they don’t have it…. You either do […]

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Noise Monitors and Sound Level Meter Standards
November 25, 2021

Advances in computing and communications technology have allowed for a shift in approach when it comes to measuring environmental noise. The speed of change has meant that there are no current standards that apply for a lot of systems that are used, or that a cumbersome and potentially expensive fudge is required for these systems […]

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Introducing The New SV 307A
November 19, 2021

The brand new SV 307A noise monitoring station is the newest version of the all-in-one noise monitoring station, based on a patented MEMS microphone technology covered by a lifetime warranty. The noise monitoring station has been designed for continuous Class 1 noise monitoring in all weather conditions. The monitoring station is fully automatic, it measures […]

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The New Class 1 Sound Level Meter: SV 971A
November 11, 2021

The SV 971A is equipped with a new measuring microphone, offering a LAeq linear measurement range from 27 to 137 dB (140 dB peak) in a single range. The microphone’s improved design ensures even better long term stability of microphone sensitivity. Additionally, the SV 971A measurement range can be switched to low to measure noise […]

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SvanNet portal
May 06, 2021

SvanNET is an on-line solution that supports multi-point connection with Svantek’s noise & vibration monitoring stations. To ensure the reliability and data security the SvanNET has been located on the Microsoft Azure™, the cloud platform working through global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. The SvanNET offers data preview in the form of a customized website […]

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30 Years of Svantek and 10 Years of Svantek UK
February 01, 2021

By John Shelton The Svantek company was set up in 1990, after the collapse of the Iron Curtain, by a small group of highly qualified acoustic and electronic engineers, to produce the best in sound and vibration instrumentation. With a strong market in the Eastern Bloc countries, export to Europe and beyond was slow to […]

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SV 307 Noise Monitoring Station Offer!
November 02, 2020

By Aidan Hubbard, Sales Director This must be the coolest monitoring instrument on the market right now. I have been on LinkedIn many times now sharing stories and statements about how the SV 307 has changed noise monitoring for the better. Remember the 307 already has an inbuilt acoustic calibrator for automatic remote calibrations, a […]

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Introducing the SV 973 Sound Level Meter for Measuring Occupational Noise
October 05, 2020

New Class 2 instrument boasts patented MEMS microphone, lifetime warranty and measurement range up to 141dB Peak Svantek has launched its SV 973 sound level meter for reliable and accurate measurement of noise in the workplace. The new Class 2 instrument features a patented MEMs microphone with lifetime warranty and measurement range up to 141dB […]

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Svantek’s SvanNET Portal Offers Noise, Vibration and Dust Monitoring Plus New 24/7 Support Functionality
August 19, 2020

All-in-one cloud-based solution provides multi-point internet connection for alarming, reporting and management in convenient central location Svantek’s well proven SvanNET cloud-based solution now offers noise, vibration and dust monitoring with new 24/7 support functionality ideal for large infrastructure projects. The enhanced, all-in-one portal offers multi point internet connection with the company’s high performance instrumentation to provide […]

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Svantek UK Splits Sales Team With Appointment of Applications Engineer for the North
October 21, 2019

Aaron Priestley brings extensive sales and client relationship management experience to newly created role In line with an ambitious growth strategy, Bedford-based Svantek UK – leading manufacturer of advanced noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and health & safety analysis and monitoring applications – has divided its sales team into two distinct territories with the […]

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Land Remediation Expo
August 21, 2019

Svantek UK’s Sales Manager, Aidan Hubbard, will be presenting at the Land Remediation Expo 11 – 12 Sept 2019 NEC Birmingham. Theatre 29 – Wednesday 11.45 – 12.15: Monitoring Noise Correctly and Selecting the Right Equipment Look forward to seeing you there!

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Svantek UK will be Exhibiting at The UK Infrastructure Show 2019
April 11, 2019

30th April 2019, NEC, Birmingham Part of the UK Public Sector Sourcing Expo, co-located with Procurex National 2019, and officially supported by CompeteFor and many of the major ongoing and future infrastructure projects, the UK Infrastructure Show 2019 will provide participants with a unique opportunity to engage, connect and collaborate with a vast array of […]

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It has been a busy week at AcSoft HQ! The team have been working on building Renew kits with sound and vibration. These are ready to be delivered directly to the customer by our support team. More information about our Renew products: