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How to Use an Acoustic Camera

acoustic camera

An acoustic camera is used for locating and visualising sources of sound. It uses a microphone array which processes sound signals for sound analysis and to establish the location of sound sources.

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What Makes Good Building Acoustics?

How do acoustics work in a building?

Good building acoustics is about controlling the quality of sound inside a building so that it is kept at a reasonable and comfortable level, while also suppressing noises coming from outside of the building.

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What is the Difference Between Vibration and Noise?

vibration and noise

With the terms ‘vibration’ and ‘noise’ regularly being used interchangeably, there is often confusion surrounding the precise definition and difference between the two. This ambiguity leads to many questioning what is the difference between vibration and noise?

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Paul Rubens invests in the AcSoft Group as part of an ambitious growth strategy As part of an ambitious long-term future growth strategy, Bedford-based AcSoft Holdings Ltd (, which comprises AcSoft, GRAS UK and Svantek UK, has announced that General Manager, Paul Rubens has acquired a 50% interest in the business, making him joint partner…

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AcSoft Introduces Noisepad Acoustics & Vibration Analyser


Combination of robust 8” tablet and DSP-based analyser is ideal for range of occupational health and environmental monitoring applications Reinforcing its position at the forefront of sound and vibration instrumentation and software, AcSoft has introduced the latest NoisePAD four-channel real time Acoustics & Vibration Analyser from SINUS. The combination of robust 8” tablet and DSP-based…

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AcSoft takes a voyage into portable data acquisition


Microflown Technologies Voyager mobile data acquisition and vibro-acoustic analysis device sets new benchmark for on-site, real-time NVH testing  Reinforcing its position at the forefront of sound and vibration instrumentation and software, AcSoft has introduced The Voyager mobile data acquisition and vibro-acoustic analysis device from Microflown Technologies, specially designed to set a new benchmark for the…

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AcSoft’s in-house acoustic calibration laboratory offers five-day lead time as standard

Traceable calibration of noise & vibration instrumentation safeguards the quality of measurements and eliminates costs associated with unreliable equipment. In a move to safeguard the quality of measurements and eliminate the costs associated with unreliable monitoring equipment, Bedford-based AcSoft is offering traceable calibration of a wide range of noise and vibration instrumentation with a five-day…

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Recent and not so recent developments in sound measurement instrumentation

Introduction The 40th anniversary of the IOA is as good a time as any to review what has happened in the instrumentation market over the same period, and in particular, to the humble sound level meter. This article reviews the basic architecture, and looks at how things have changed, often on the back of consumer…

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Accelerometers, geophones and seismometers – which to choose?

Report by John Shelton, AcSoft Ltd, Svantek UK Ltd Recent years have seen a large increase in measurements of vibration, for a variety of applications, such that the diary of the busy acoustic consultant is just as full of vibration surveys, as noise measurements. Be it for health and safety applications, such as hand-arm and…

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Celebrating AcSoft Sound & Vibration’s 25th Anniversary

We are celebrating 25 years as one of the UK’s leading specialists in high performance sound and vibration instrumentation and sensors for a wide range of sectors including environmental, automotive, aerospace, defence, transport and telecommunications. AcSoft Sound & Vibration Ltd was established in 1994 by Managing Director, John Shelton, working from his home in Cheddington,…

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