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SoundCheck 17 Released
March 01, 2019

We are excited to announce the release of SoundCheck 17 this week! This new release offers many features to simplify multi-channel and voice controlled testing, such as a new level and cross-correlation trigger, average curve/waveform post-processing functionality, the ability to easily read and work with multichannel wavefiles, multiple DC Connect control, and enhanced database options […]

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Svantek Launches All-In-One Solar Power System For Popular SV 307 Noise Monitoring Terminal
February 11, 2019

Remote, pole-mounted ‘SolarBox’ option provides essential power to low cost SV 307 for permanent noise monitoring using an integrated Class 1 sound level meter  Reinforcing its position at the forefront of noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and occupational health monitoring applications, Svantek UK has launched SolarBox, an all-in-one solar power system for use with […]

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gfai tech Launches the Mikado Handheld Acoustic Camera
August 09, 2018

This new system is perfectly suited for trouble-shooting sound and vibration problems. The handheld device quickly and efficiently identifies noise sources using acoustic signals. From acoustic data acquisition to data analysis – this innovative device offers it all in one: Mikado comes outfitted with all components for acoustic measurements, data acquisition and data analysis.

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The Impact of Contact Force on the Accuracy of hand-arm Vibration Measurement
September 19, 2017

We recently attended the 52nd Human Response to Vibration Conference & Workshop at Cranfield University where Svantek Poland’s Marketing Manager, Jacek Kuczynski, gave a presentation on ‘The impact of contact force on the accuracy of hand-arm vibration measurement’. Below is an abstract from a paper produced by Jacek and Piotr Kowalski Ph.D (Eng) from […]

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The Importance of Workplace Monitoring
August 04, 2017

Every year in the UK, 1.3 million people suffer from a work-related illness or ill health caused or worsened by their working conditions. Plus some 13,000 workers per year die from occupational exposure to harmful substances and 30.4million working days are lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury. The estimated cost of injuries and […]

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Choosing The Best Sound Calibrator
July 25, 2017

A Sound Level Calibrator is used to produce a known sound pressure level. It is a hand-held device that emits an audible tone of very accurate level and frequency. Typically the calibrator is fitted over the meter’s microphone and the reading is either checked manually by the user or automatically by the meter. Calibration at […]

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Sound Power and Sound Pressure
July 05, 2017

Sound Power is the ability of a device to make sound. It is purely a function of the device and unable to be measured directly. It has units of watts, and in decibel terms, dB re: 1pW. The sound power is radiated into the acoustic field by sound intensity, a vector quantity, which is the […]

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Smart Attack: Some Thoughts on Internet Noise Monitoring
June 30, 2017

History There’s nothing like moving house or office to unearth some old project from the past, and while unloading all my shelves of documentation, I happened upon an old presentation I put together more than 20 years ago when I started AcSoft. Lovingly crafted on overhead transparencies using Word Perfect and Freelance Graphics, it extolled […]

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Noise Monitoring in Ports and Waterways
June 23, 2017

There are numerous noise sources in ports and waterways, including horns, whistles, signals, terminal operations, engines, construction and logistics. As well as ensuring compliance with environmental noise regulations, operators must minimise, mitigate or reduce noise from both essential processes and other sources. As a result, monitoring the impact of sound levels on local communities can […]

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Nothing Shaky About Svantek Vibration Calibrators
May 19, 2017

Our extremely compact SV 110 hand-held vibration calibrator is designed for verification of machine sensors, as well as on-site checks of human vibration accelerometers, to ISO 8041. Faults caused by transverse vibrations are indicated by two LEDS on the calibrator’s housing. This unique solution ensures stability of both the calibration level and frequency, independent from […]

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Noise and Vibration Calibration Laboratory
May 16, 2017

Its now been a year since AcSoft setup its own noise and vibration calibration laboratory and our offering has grown from strength to strength. Our lab is run by Alex Santana who qualified in acoustics in his home city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (although we don’t know why anyone would want to leave […]

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Vibration Monitoring For Transport Applications
May 12, 2017

The Menhir (Modular Enhanced Intelligent Recorder) ground vibration monitor from Semex-Engcon GmbH is a very compact and versatile instrument that measures vibrations, shocks and tremors making it perfect for use in trackside monitoring applications. It has options for MEMS accelerometers, geophones and even an FBA force balanced accelerometer that is highly sensitive and goes right down to 0.1Hz. […]

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