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Hand-Arm Vibration Exposure in Rock Drill Workers
January 04, 2022

From The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, this study is a comparison between measurements with hand-attached and tool-attached accelerometers. This study is important because it shows that the choice of accelerometer placement affects the measurement result. The working technique, specifically the individual handgrips used by workers, is an important factor to consider when planning […]

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Noise, Dust and Vibration Monitoring
December 08, 2021

On a construction site it is vital that environmental parameter monitoring systems are designed and built for purpose. They have to operate for extended periods in the harshest environments and you have to be confident that your data is always there when you need it. At Svantek we are probably the UK’s biggest supplier of monitoring […]

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Construction Project Monitoring
November 30, 2021

Over recent years we have seen big increases in all types of building projects from domestic houses to major infrastructure projects like HS2. More and more local authorities are including monitoring requirements for noise, dust and vibration right from the planning stage and the onus is very much on construction contractors and specialist consultants to […]

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IEC 61672 Standard
November 26, 2021

By Aidan Hubbard, Sales Director The most important part of my job is to make sure people understand IEC 61672 and to make sure that people fully understand the benefits of having instrumentation with this standard applied. Some instrumentation suppliers will claim to comply to IEC 61672 but they don’t have it…. You either do […]

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Noise Monitors and Sound Level Meter Standards
November 25, 2021

Advances in computing and communications technology have allowed for a shift in approach when it comes to measuring environmental noise. The speed of change has meant that there are no current standards that apply for a lot of systems that are used, or that a cumbersome and potentially expensive fudge is required for these systems […]

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Measuring Mouth Simulators
November 24, 2021

Anyone who’s interested in measuring the performance of headsets, smart devices, telephones, earbuds and the like should be familiar with the need for a mouth simulator. This is a kind of ‘standardised’ loudspeaker, which emulates the frequency and dispersion characteristics of the human, and is also often found built-in to head and torso simulators. A […]

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Air Quality Monitoring in Construction
October 13, 2021

Construction developments, roads and other infrastructure projects often have a substantial and sometimes long-term impact on the local air quality. One of the most common impacts is increased dust or particulate matter (PM) concentrations. Depending on the perceived risk, monitoring may need to be carried out during both demolition and construction activities to ensure that […]

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Why am I getting LA,eq values below the LA,90. Surely that’s impossible?
July 12, 2021

No, it’s not impossible at all, and probably it is related to measuring low levels. By having a think about how statistical levels are calculated, all should become clear. Firstly, the LAeq is the A-weighted equivalent energy over a certain period. It’s independent of time weighting (e.g. F), and the measurement range of the instrument […]

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SvanNet portal
May 06, 2021

SvanNET is an on-line solution that supports multi-point connection with Svantek’s noise & vibration monitoring stations. To ensure the reliability and data security the SvanNET has been located on the Microsoft Azure™, the cloud platform working through global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. The SvanNET offers data preview in the form of a customized website […]

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SoundCheck 19 Released
April 14, 2021

Listen have recently announced the release of SoundCheck 19. This update includes powerful advancements for users making multichannel measurements. The single channel RTA is replaced with a new multi-channel version for viewing multiple signal paths simultaneously, a new RT60 room acoustics module is available, and WASAPI-exclusive mode and AmpConnect 621 control are added. See all […]

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Comparison between FFT and 1/3 octave analysis
January 11, 2021

Here at AcSoft, we often get asked about the difference between FFT analysis and 1/3 octave analysis, so, equipped with an Apollo and Samurai software, John gives a short non-mathematical description of the two methods, and how they differ in practice, especially when converting from FFT to 1/3 octaves. To find out more about the […]

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gfai tech Announces an Exciting New NoiseImage Module
November 19, 2020

gfai tech has recently announced the release of a new feature for their software NoiseImage, DynaBeam. Because of this, scanning a 3D model with just your Acoustic Camera and representing the noise image results on it, is now possible. NoiseImage is a powerful software for acoustic measurements in fields such as the automotive industry, aerospace, […]

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