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Electroacoustic Testing

Electroacoustic transducers find their way into all corners of our lives, including telephones, loudspeakers, hearing aids, car stereos, music players, military headsets, microphones, and the list goes on. In these days of high volume production and quality control, a test system is needed to provide the answers quickly and accurately.

New devices are launched almost daily that push the boundaries of design. The latest smartphone must squeeze in ever-more impressive capabilities to compete in a crowded market while complying with international telephone standards for voice capture and reproduction. Whether customers want open-backed headphones or flat frequency response speakers, manufacturers need to deliver the sound quality that buyers expect from their favourite brand.

To deliver quality sound, it is essential to analyse the sound produced and captured during R & D. Many parameters are critical to authentic sound reproduction including distortion, frequency response, and directivity. Finding the right balance normally requires many tests so automation, data correlation, and ease of use help ensure productive electroacoustic testing.

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