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Mikado acoustic camera

Mikado acoustic camera


The new Mikado from gfaitech is a handheld acoustic camera that is very easy to use and completely autonomous.

This new system is perfectly suited for trouble-shooting sound and vibration problems. The handheld device quickly and efficiently identifies noise sources using acoustic signals.

From acoustic data acquisition to data analysis – this innovative device offers it all in one: Mikado comes outfitted with all components for acoustic measurements, data acquisition and data analysis.

  • Algorithmically optimized microphone positions distribute 96 digital MEMS microphones over a 35 cm diameter surface.
  • On-board data acquisition is provided via the brand new DMC402L data recorder, developed by gfai tech in Berlin.
  • Your data can be analyzed on the spot: NoiseImage Mobile running on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet allows efficient data recording and evaluation. For further analysis your data can be transferred onto a workstation running NoiseImage4.
  • In battery powered mode this Acoustic Camera will run for up to three hours on one battery.

This guarantees ease of use while in the field. Time and effort are reduced as Mikado comes in a practical carry-case, all set up and ready to go. This device ensures good results for any user – and turns beginners into experts.