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CoCo-80X Touchscreen Dynamic Signal Analyser

CoCo-80X Touchscreen Dynamic Signal Analyser


The CoCo-80X is a new generation of handheld data recorder, dynamic signal analyser and vibration data collector from Crystal Instruments. It is ideal for a wide range of industries including petrochemical, paper, steel and other metals, automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics and military. These industries demand quick, easy, and accurate data recording in addition to real-time processing in the field. The CoCo-80X is a perfect machine condition monitoring solution. It is a rugged, lightweight, battery powered handheld system with unparalleled performance and accuracy. The intuitive user interface is specifically designed for easy operation while still providing a wide variety of analysis functions.

The CoCo-80X is equipped with 8 software-enabled input channels. Every CoCo-80X ships with 8 fully populated and functionally tested input channels. Embedded firmware contains a key enabling those channels for which software has been purchased. This means a unit initially purchased as a 2 channel CoCo-80X can be remotely upgraded to 4, 6, or 8 channels via purchased upgrade. Each analogue input is serviced by two 24-bit ADCs and a DSP implementing the cross-path calibration technology of US Patent number 7,302,354 B2 to achieve better than 150 dBFS dynamic range. Measured time histories are stored in 32-bit single precision floating point format (per IEEE 754-2008) and all subsequent signal processing is performed using floating-point arithmetic. 54 sample rates from 0.48 Hz to 102.4 kHz are provided with better than 150 dB of alias-free data from DC to 45% of any selected sample rate protected by steep 160 dB/Octave anti-aliasing filters. The eight channels are amplitude matched within 0.1 dB and phase matched within 1°.

  • LCD: 7”color TFT WVGA display 800×480 resolution with P-Cap touch screen, 1300 NITS
  • SD Card Storage: up to 256 GB (removable)
  • Number of Input Channels: 2, 4, or 8
  • Coupling:  AC, DC, or IEPE (ICP
  • Input Type: Differential or single-ended
  • Input Range: ±20 Vpk
  • A/D Resolution: 2 x 24-bit per input channel
  • Sampling Rate:  0.48 Hz to 102.4 kHz, with 54 stages
  • Dynamic Range: 150 dBFS (100 Hz to 4.6 kHz)
  • Phase Channel Match:  Less than 0.3 degrees up to 20 kHz
  • Full feature tachometer
  • Number of Outputs:  1
  • Output Range:  ±10 Vpk
  • D/A Resolution:  24 bits
  • Digital Filter: high-pass and low-pass digital filters
  • GPS Connection
  • Grounding Connection
  • Hard Keys
  • Interface: CAN-BUS, Micro-HDMI, Audio input, Ethernet, Optional Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, SD Card

To download the CoCo 80X datasheet please click here